Información de Clases

  • Pilates Fusion
  • Kickboxing
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • HIIT Circuits


  • Gratuito para 4525 socios y huéspedes del Hotel.
  • 1 hora mínima previa reservación para asistir. Las reservaciones para clases antes de las 10:00 a.m. se deberán realizar un día antes.
  • Los huéspedes del hotel y los socios pueden reservar llamando al spa o a concierge.
  • $100 | 1 Sesión de Entrenamiento Personal
  • $85 | de 3 a 5 Sesiones de Entrenamiento Personal
  • $75 | más de 7 Sesiones de Entrenamiento Personal


Términos y Condiciones: Para las cancelaciones o cambios se requiere aviso con un mínimo de 8 horas de antelación y se aplicará un cargo del 50%.

Descripciones de las clases



This class will blast and tone your abdominals and entire core using functional and isolated exercises.



A great cardio workout on a stationary bike that takes you through rolling hills, flat rides, sprints and climbs with fun upbeat music. Its a party on a bike!
**Intensity: All levels



A full body workout that incorporates traditional core-centric pilates moves incorporated with strength and dynamic flexibility to leave each participant feeling stronger, longer, and leaner.
**Intensity: All levels



HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training: A total body workout! Transitions from durations of peak, and recovery intervals guaranteed to make you sweat, giving you an increased Metabolic Burn. A class designed to bring out your inner warrior, using a fusion of martial arts techniques from traditional boxing to Muay Thai boxing techniques. This workout incorporates the use of punching, leg kicks, knees, and elbows to build awesome high powered combos!
** Intensity: ALL Levels



A low impact class. The class will focus on muscle length and extension. Performing these exercises with control, Small range of motion, help you with flexibility and balance. Tone the entire body with the use of light weights and core tightening exercises!
**Intensity: ALL Levels



A fun high-intensity dance class that combines rhythms from Salsa, Merengue, Reggaetón, Hip Hop and more.
**Intensity: ALL Levels



Yin Yoga / Stretch class: is the perfect combination of the long yin yoga passive poses meant to increase elasticity to your fascia and dynamic and static stretch poses. Open up your chest and shoulders and add mobility to your hips and feet. This class is a MUST for anyone looking to have a better life and sports performance and the perfect addition to any exercise program.
**Intensity: All levels



In this class, you will experience how liberating it can be to surrender in a unique, safe, passive & active. You will improve self-awareness and trust, creating a feeling of empowerment to go deeper than ever before in furthering your practice, while decompressing all major joints, and most importantly connecting deeply with yourself, healing individually and collectively. Receive a body opening, energy clearing, and decompression of the Mind and Body.
**Intensity: ALL Levels



Beginning with gentle mobility warm up, the sequencing is easy-to-follow and targets all major muscle groups. You will leave class feeling both relaxed and reinvigorated.
**Intensity: ALL Levels



Intermediate level class with focus on improving your balance and core strength through a series of yoga poses on the board. A fun and challenging way to increase your focus, with modifications provided to make it either more or less challenging. Experience a feeling of empowerment to go deeper than ever before in furthering your practice. Feel the indoor spin on doing a full Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga class!
**Intensity: Level 2

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