Our spacious fitness center is always open, so you can work up a sweat on your schedule. Let the ocean views be your motivation, while working out on state-of-the-art of Artis Line TechnoGym equipment. Or, if classes are your thing, our studio offers group and private options. See schedule below.

Fitness Center is open 24-Hours.

All classes are complimentary for hotel guests. Please contact Spa to schedule the class.


Better Me Bootcamp

Saturday, August 18 | 9:30 AM

Join Better Me Bootcamp, at the ERC Garden, for a complimentary high-intensity circuit training, created for all levels of experience. Enjoy combining different sports and activities along with pro-environment activation for a complete holistic experience. 


  • 8 AM 50/50 Spin and Sculpt
  • 9 AM Yoga
  • 10 AM Mat Pilates


  • 8 AM Surfset
  • 9 AM Cardio Boxing
  • 5:30 PM Beach Yoga


  • 8 AM 50/50 Spin and Sculpt
  • 5:30 PM Yoga
  • 6:30 PM Mat Pilates


  • 8 AM HIT Boxing
  • 9 AM Surfset
  • 10 AM Mat Pilates
  • 6:30 PM Beach Yoga


  • 8 AM Spinning
  • 9 AM Body Sculpt
  • 5:30 PM Yoga



  • 8 AM Powertone
  • 9 AM Surfset
  • 5:30 PM Yoga


  • 9 AM Yoga

Beach Bootcamp

Come for a memorable and beautiful wellness experience on Miami Beach with the fresh clean air from the ocean waves. This class will raise your heart rate and tone your entire body. 50-Minutes.

HIT Boxing

Full body workout - legs, core, back, shoulders and arms with boxing exercises using the gloves and the bags with freestyle cardio exercises at high pace. 50-Minutes.

Cardio Boxing

A mix of explosive boxing and kickboxing exercises using the gloves and kicks sequences with plyometrics and lower body exercises at very fast pace. This training allows to increase the endurance and cardiovascular capabilities. 50-Minutes.

Mat Pilates

Similar to yoga but with a more serious focus on ab workout. The class consists of inner and outer thighs workout, as well as series of exercises to strengthen the back, hamstrings and glutes. 50-Minutes.


Join us for a ride on our Keiser spin bikes. You will be taken on a challenging ride to a stronger and more toned body while boosting your metabolism and heart rate. 50-Minutes.


Inspired by surfing, we challenge you to step outside your comfort zone by challenging your balance, flexibility, stability, dynamic balance, body control, and core strength on a SurfSet fitness board. 50-Minutes.

50/50 Spin & Sculpt

This class incorporates the best of both worlds. Spin and weights. This class will boost your heart rate while sculpting your muscles. 50-Minutes.

Power Tone

A complete body toning and sculpting. Strengthen your muscles using stability balls, resistance bands free weights and more. 50-Minutes.


Improve your focus and strength, balance your mind, body, and spirit with our Vinyasa flow yoga class. 50-Minutes.

Body Sculpt

Torch stubborn fat and tone your core in explosive high-intensity intervals with this innovative class. 50-Minutes.

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