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Our Story

Situated along the famed Collins Avenue, Eden Roc Miami Beach was designed in 1955 by famous architect and designer Morris Lapidus, in what is now widely known as the Miami Modern (MiMo) style of architecture.

Today, Eden Roc infuses the nostalgic glamour of the Old Hollywood era and the spirit of Lapidus’ iconic designs with a modern oceanfront resort experience, housing three pristine pools, Ocean Social restaurant, Esencia Wellness Spa, and the world-famous Nobu Miami Restaurant.

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The Iconic Design

In designing the Eden Roc, Lapidus was heavily inspired by the Italian Renaissance, creating elegant straight lines and a smooth faceted design. Famous for his catchphrase, “too much is never enough,” Lapidus spared no expense in the creation of the Eden Roc.

Hotel owner Harry Mufson told Lapidus that he wanted the hotel to have “plenty of glamour, and make sure it screams luxury.” Lapidus’ central design features, which still draw guests and design enthusiasts from around the world today, include a baroque-influenced grand staircase descending into a circular lobby, surrounded by tall columns made of East Indian rosewood.

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

Eden Roc Rooftop SignEden Roc Rooftop Sign

The Name

Eden Roc’s name was adopted from one of the most elegant and luxurious resorts in all of Europe, the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc located in the South of France on the French Riviera. Frequented by aristocracy, and a favorite destination of the Kennedy family, the French resort featured an area located between the main hotel and a section of beautiful waterfront villas known as the “Eden Roc,” consisting of spectacular gardens and a swimming pool built into the side of a cliff with breathtaking views directly overlooking the Mediterranean.

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

1950's Performance1950's Performance

The Grand Opening

With great anticipation and excitement, the Eden Roc opened its doors in 1955. Among the opening entertainers, Harry Belafonte sang in the Cafe Pompeii, and was the talk of the town. Other high caliber headliners would soon follow, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Cab Calloway, Paul Anka, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Mathis, Sammy Davis, Jr., and a long list of others. 

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

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The Guest Suites

Many stars of both stage and screen would also stay and play as frequent guests at the hotel. Within the first two years, the dining venues and nightclubs, including the Mona Lisa Room and Harry’s American Bar, were also both highly acclaimed and successful.

This impressive list of stars that stayed, played, and entertained at Eden Roc includes Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis, Jr., Lena Horne, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Desi and Lucy, Harry Belafonte, Barbara Streisand, Nat King Cole, and many others. The famed dining and entertainment venues in the hotel were as elegant and impressive as the stars appearing in them—the Mona Lisa Room, the Cafe Pompeii and Harry’s American Bar.

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

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The Pool & Cabana Scene

If the nightclubs, legendary entertainers, glamorous weddings, and other elegant ballroom affairs were the talk of the town by night, the pool and cabana scene at the Eden Roc was the hotel’s high society fun, sun, gaming and social daytime equivalent. 

Whereas other hotels of the day merely dabbled in the concept of outdoor poolside cabanas, Eden Roc created and defined an exceptional brand around this amenity at a level of inimitable style and class unmatched by other resort destinations. Each of the Eden Roc cabanas were very spacious by modern standards, and aptly appointed with a shower, changing room, and both indoor and outdoor seating areas. But the popular accessory item for so many local and out-of-town guests reserving cabanas was the proverbial and time-honored “card table.”

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

Eden Roc Pools and GardensEden Roc Pools and Gardens

The Eden Roc of Today

The outdoor Italian gardens, Harry’s American Bar, the Villa d’Este Restaurant, the multi-leveled cabanas, and the poolside card games, the underworld figures, and the entertainers, exist only as cherished memories today at Eden Roc.

However, modern-day Eden Roc has retained the glamour, style, and grace worthy of its historic appellation as the “Grande Dame” of Miami Beach hotels. The original architecture, design, and “vision of Italian Renaissance” created by Harry Mufson and Morris Lapidus have largely been preserved including the stunning design of the lobby, the grand front entrance, and the iconic structure atop the hotel emblazoned with “Eden Roc” remaining as a lasting fixture on the Miami Beach skyline.

Over the last two decades, Eden Roc has incorporated innovative additions including a world-class spa and gym overlooking the pool area and ocean, an adjacent area of both upper deck and lower level poolside cabanas, renowned restaurants Nobu and Ocean Social, and more elevated amenities that maintain the class, style, and vision of our founders, while embracing modern style and the soul of Miami.

The content above was inspired by The Eden Roc Story by Richard Mufson.

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